Board and Management

Philip Condon

Mr Philip Condon 

Managing Director

Philip Condon holds an Engineering degree and a Master’s of Business Administration. His career of 35 years spans across primary, secondary and tertiary industry. Roles and responsibilities have included gold and copper mining operations, mine project development/construction and mineral exploration at senior corporate management (CEO, President, Non-Exec Directorships), project management, engineering and operations management, around the globe.

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Mr Toko Kapea 

Non Executive Chairman

Toko Kapea is a Wellington (New Zealand) based director, commercial lawyer and consultant.

Toko is a director of Tuia Group Limited and a partner in Tuia Legal. He is also a director of Television New Zealand (the state owned broadcaster).

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Mr Paul Frederiks 

Executive Director - Company Secretary

Paul Frederiks has extensive experience in public company financial and secretarial management with more than 30 years’ experience as a finance and corporate governance executive in the Australian resources sector, with an extensive knowledge base in listed public company reporting and compliance.

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Mr Ian McAleese 

Non Executive Director

Mr Ian McAleese is an Investor Relations specialist with a geological background and professional investment experience. He has a broad range of experience in the mining industry having recently worked for Whitehaven Coal as GM Investor Relations for over six years.

Previously he worked for Queensland Investment Corporation as a Portfolio Manager responsible for the mining section of the portfolio.

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Mr Thomas Dwight 

Exploration Manager

Thomas Dwight has worked in the Western Australian mineral exploration sector four years, including the development of the Tampia Hill Resource with Explaurum Operations. During his time in the industry his main focus has been in exploration drilling, project development and database management.

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