Our Environment

Duke is committed to the effective environmental management of all its exploration and future mining and processing activities. We recognise that exploration and mining is associated with a range of potential environmental impacts and we have a responsibility in managing these impacts. The development and implementation of effective strategies for controlling potential impacts is therefore a principal objective at Duke. We strive to follow best practice in our operations and continually improve environmental management at all of the sites we operate.

To achieve these objectives, each of our sites are required to:

  • Achieve compliance with all applicable legislation and operating conditions.
  • Nominate an environmental manager / co-ordinator, with responsibility for on-site environmental management.
  • Operate in accordance with a site environmental management plan.
  • Identify and manage environmental risk and liability.
  • Minimise unnecessary environmental impacts.
  • Work towards a high quality of on-site environmental management.


DEX Environmental Policy

   Environmental Policy